The Mailer Review

Volume 6 | Number 1 | Fall 2012


Articles and Miscellany

  • Robert J. Begiebing, Ray Elliott, J. Michael Lennon, Warren Mason
    Why Mailer and Jones Matter
  • Morris Dickstein
    Norman Mailer and the Nobel Prize
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Gore and Norman in Provincetown
  • Richard Stratton
    Mailer Matters
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Mailer is Back
  • John Whalen-Bridge
    Why Mailer Mattered, Why Mailer Matters
  • Jeffrey Michelson
    The Norman Mailer/José Torres Saturday Morning Boxing Club and my war with Ryan O’Neal
  • Sean Abbott
    Great American App: Norman Mailer, Electronic Books, and Revolutionary Consciousness
  • Michael K. Glenday
    The Blade and the Gambler: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Mailer
  • Bob Batchelor
    Mailer and Updike: Probing American Culture as Writers and Celebrities
  • Mashey Bernstein
    My First Encounter with Norman Mailer
  • Barry H. Leeds
    Literature As Life; Life As Literature: Mailer’s Existential Shout of Defiance in An American Dream
  • Maggie McKinley
    Mailer’s Modern Myth: Reexamining Violence and Masculinity in An American Dream
  • Erik Nakjavani
    The Living George Plimpton: Taking a Sporting Stance between Hemingway and Mailer
  • Erik Nakjavani
    Reporting with the Inner Eye: George Plimpton on Writing and Sports
  • H.R. Stoneback
    From Hem to Eternity: James Jones, Hemingway, Paris — Meditation & Memoir
  • Joseph Comprone
    Narrative Voices, Dialectics, and the Fiction of Norman Mailer
  • David Anshen
    The Prescience of Mailer’s Marxism: Socialism or Barbary Shore?
  • Jason Mosser
    Norman Mailer: Genre Bender
  • Nicole DePolo
    A Philosophical Launch Of A Fire on the Moon ignites into Moonfire
  • Sarah Bishop
    The Life and Death of the Celebrity Author in Maidstone
  • Susan Oommen
    To Deliver the Metaphor: Intent and Rhetoric in Norman Mailer
  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    The Mailer Legacy and Aleatory Burroughs
  • Fraser Mann
    Never So Simple: Why We Should Learn from Mailer’s Engagement with Complexity

Classic Interpretation

  • Andrew O’Hagan
    The Martyrdom of Mailer

Book Reviews

  • Marilyn & Me: A Photographer’s Memories
    Richard Stratton
    Marilyn Close Up
  • Norman Mailer: The Self-Appointed Messiah
    Mashey Bernstein
    Missing the Contradictions
  • Laura Meets Jeffrey: Both Sides of an Erotic Memoir
    Michael L. Shuman
    Debauchery Duet

Creative Works

  • Jay Hopler
    Glose for Hart Crane
  • Jay Hopler
    After Surgery, My Wife Helps Me into the Garden Where I Sit for Some Little Time Brooding on My Present Situation
  • Nicholas Samaras
    Why Mailer Matters
  • Daniele Pantano
  • Melanie Graham
    Many Happy Returns
  • Allen Speed
    Saturdays with Norman, circa 1981
  • Sean Abbott
NORMAN MAILER, Writer/Artist, 1974, ink on paper, Courtesy of BertaWalker Gallery


  • Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2011

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