Volume 10 | Number 1 | Fall 2016

10th Anniversary Issue

Articles and Miscellany

  • Kate Mailer
    People Who Look Alike Are Alike
  • Remembering Barry Leads
  • William T. Ross
    When Novelists Were Kings: Norman Mailer and Esquire in the 1960s
  • Mark Edmundson
    Mailer’s Greatness: A Note
  • Morris Dickstein and J. Michael Lennon
    Mailer’s Letters: A Colloquy at the Strand Bookstore
  • Robert Begiebing
    Sex Prison, 2016
  • Lawrence R. Broer
    Meta-Modernism in An American Dream
  • Bob Batchelor
    No Pre-Fabricated Words: Norman Mailer and Inventive Biography
  • Jerome Loving
    From Solitary to the City: Norman Mailer’s Bet on Jack Henry Abbott
  • Jeffrey Michelson, Elizabeth Mailer, Peter Alson, John Buffalo Mailer
    Top Ten Things
  • Justin Bozung
    Norman Mailer’s Dark Forces
  • Robert Singer
    Performing Norman / Norman Performing: Wild 90 as Disruptive Narrative
  • Ashley M. Donnelly
    Mailer’s New Man: Differing Masculinities in Tough Guys Don’t Dance
  • Kathleen “Kat” Robinson
    The Triteness of Trauma and Time: Non-Linear Narrative in Tough Guys Don’t Dance
  • Christopher Busa
    Norman Mailer and Provincetown Arts
  • Raymond M. Vince
    Writing of a Woman’s Soul: Gender Pilgrimage in Lawrence and Mailer
  • Andrew M. Gordon
    Mailer’s Use of Wilhelm Reich
  • Robert Nason
    In Search of the Jewish Norman Mailer
  • Alexander Hicks
    A Lot of Balzac: Norman Mailer and the Early French Realists
  • Erik Nakjavani
    Norman Mailer’s Reception of Inherited Sociocultural Norms (1950–1960)
  • Enid Stubin
    “Don’t go away feeling unequal”: “The Time of Her Time” and Mailer’s Conciliatory Impulse
  • Victor Peppard
    The Curious Story of Norman Mailer’s Engagement with Short Fiction
  • Jeanne Fuchs
    Mixed Signals in Mailer’s “La Petite Bourgeoise”
  • Bill Lowenburg
    “One Foot and Three Toes in Prison”: Remembering Muhammad Ali
  • Ronald K. Fried
    Ali: He Paid the Price for his Brutal Profession
  • Raj Chandarlapaty
    Drugs, Depression, and Social Change: How Magic Realism Morphed Into Social Change in the Writings of Norman Mailer

Classic Interpretation

  • Bernard Horn
    Ahab and Ishmael at War: The Presence of Moby-Dick in The Naked and the Dead
  • Peter Balbert
    Impotence, Recovery, and the Honorable Beast: The Aesthetics of the Fourth Dimension in The Virgin and the Gipsy

Book Reviews

  • Norman Mailer and the Modernist Turn
    Maggie McKinley
    Norman Mailer’s Janus-Faced Project
  • Confessions of a Serial Biographer
    Mary Dearborn
    A Biographer Going Rogue
  • Young Lions: How Jewish Authors Reinvented the American War Novel
    Mashey Bernstein
    They Ate Their Spam with Their Yarmulkes On: Young Lions/Old Tropes
  • The Territory around Us: Collected Literary and Political Journalism, 1982–2015
    Michael L. Shuman
    Beating the Odds in Big Sur
  • D. H. Lawrence and the Marriage Matrix: Intertextual Adventures in Conflict, Renewal, and Transcendence
    Raymond M. Vince
    D. H. Lawrence and Marriage: Mapping the “Logic of the Soul”
  • Smuggler’s Blues: A True Story of the Hippie Mafia
    Michael L. Shuman
    Wise-Guy Capers, Zig-Zag Minds
  • O Brave New Eve: A Genetic Fantasy
    Michael L. Shuman
    Trans-human Genetics Comes to Tampa

Creative Works

  • Karen Brown
    The House on Neptune
  • Robert Guffey
    Destroy All Monsters
  • Gerald R. Lucas
    Every You, Every Me
  • Betty Viamontes
  • Jay Hopler
  • Gary D. Rhodes
  • Sal Cetrano
    Selected Poems
  • Daniel Barshay
    Selected Poems


  • Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2015
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