The Mailer Review

Volume 5 | Number 1 | Fall 2011


Tributes to Norris Church Mailer

  • John Buffalo Mailer, Guest Editor
    Tributes to Norris Church Mailer
  • Norman Mailer
    From Norman to Norris
  • Matthew Mailer
    A View Through the Prism
  • Norris Church Mailer
    An Unspoken Toast
  • Peter Alson
    What Would Be the Fun of That?
  • Stephen Borkowski
    Grace Notes
  • John Bowers
    Remembering Norris Church
  • Christopher Busa
    The Norris I Knew
  • Nancy Collins
    Norris Mailer
  • Bonnie Culver
    Norris: A Memory
  • David Ebershoff
    Rise Above It
  • Katrina Eugenia
    Lip Liner
  • Diane Fisher
    I Will Love Her Forever
  • Margo Howard
    Remembering Norris
  • Aurora Huston
  • Rudy Langlais
    Sister Mailer
  • Michael Lee
    Norris Church Mailer: An Appreciation
  • Sondra Lee
    I Miss You
  • Barry H. Leeds
    My Friend Norris
  • Donna Pedro Lennon
    A Formidable Lady
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Remembering Norris: Excerpts from an Unpublished Account of
    Norman Mailer’s Last Days
  • Avram Ludwig
    Norris to Me
  • Danielle Mailer
    A Tribute to Norris Church Mailer
  • Elizabeth Mailer
    Girls’ Lunch at Café Blasé
  • Maggie Mailer
    Remembering Norris
  • Michael Mailer
    A Summer to Remember
  • Susan Mailer
    The Way We Were
  • Legs McNeil
    A Perfect Day
  • Jeffrey Michelson
    Candid Snapshots of Norris Mailer
  • Aimee Mullins
  • Mark Olshaker
    The Memorable Norris
  • Brian O’Malley, MD
    Norris Church Mailer and the Provincetown Theater
  • Denise Doherty Pappas
    Our Lady of Provincetown
  • Dotson Rader
    Norris Mailer
  • Sam Radin
    Norris Reminiscence
  • Dwayne Raymond
    Norris, My Friend
  • Salina Sias
    Almost the Same: A Dedication
  • Lawrence Schiller
    They Were Perfect Together
  • Natasha Stoynoff
    Melly and Scarlett
  • Richard Stratton
    In Praise of a Redhead
  • Barbara Wasserman
    Some Thoughts about Norris
  • John T. “Ike” Williams
    Norris Church Mailer: A Complex Simple Woman
  • John Wiley
    A Floppy Hat and a Bench
  • Guy Wolf
    Norris Church Mailer: A Voice in the Dark
  • Norris Church Mailer
    From A Ticket to the Circus

Articles and Miscellany

  • Michael Mailer
    Overexposed: My First Taste of Filmmaking
  • Gary D. Rhodes
    Reinventing a New Wheel: The Films of Norman Mailer
  • Sara Jo Cohen
    Making Masculinity and Unmaking Jewishness: Norman Mailer’s Voice in Wild 90 and Beyond the Law
  • Taylor Joy Mitchell
    Norman Mailer: Playboy Magazine Heavyweight
  • Tracy Dahlby
    “The White Negro” Revisited: The Demise of the Indispensable Hipster
  • Raj Chandarlapaty
    Through the Lens of the Beatniks: Norman Mailer and Modern American Man’s Quest for Self-Realization
  • Gerald R. Lucas
    Norman Mailer and the Novel 2.o
  • Mimi Reisel Gladstein
    Piling On: Norman Mailer’s Utilization of Marilyn Monroe: “What is it about Marilyn Monroe that obsesses you so?”
  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    Cluster Seeds and the Mailer Legacy
  • Lee Spinks
    Situating Hemingway: Mailer, Style, Ethics
  • Fannie Peczenik
    The Devil’s Party: Reading and Wreaking Vengeance in The Castle in the Forest
  • Alexander Hicks
    From Here to Eternity and The Naked and the Dead:
    Premiere to Eternity?
  • Alexandros Mantzaris
    Contradictory Syntheses: Norman Mailer’s Left Conservatism and the Problematic of “Totalitarianism”
  • Martjin Sermeus
    Norman Mailer’s Mythmaking in An American Dream and “The White Negro”
  • Stephen Borkowski
    A Tear Shed into a Cup of Sorrows
  • Kim Moreland
    Hemingway and Women at the Front: Blowing Bridges in The Fifth Column, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Other Works
  • Jennifer Yirinec
    The Conception of Irreversibility: Hannah Arendt and Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”

Classic Interpretation

  • James Toback
    Norman Mailer Today

Book Reviews

  • Norman Mailer’s Later Fictions
    Andrew M. Gordon
    Last of the Late Romantics
  • The Castle in the Forest
    Christopher Busa
    Imagining Evil: The Sardonic Narrator of Mailer’s Last Novel
  • Hemingway’s Second War: Bearing Witness to the Spanish Civil War Lawrence R. Broer
    Tolls of War: Mailerian Sub-Texts in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Creative Works

  • Karen Brown
    The Living Room Show
  • Sal Cetrano


  • Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2010

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