Volume 8 | Number 1 | Fall 2014


Articles and Miscellany

  • J. Michael Lennon
    An Excerpt from Mailer’s Last Interview: The Village Voice
  • Mark Olshaker
    Walking into the Zeitgeist: A Conversation with Jules Feiffer
  • Susan Mailer
    Master Weaver in Action
  • Barbara Mailer Wasserman, Susan Mailer, John Buffalo Mailer Mailer
    Family Colloquium
  • Jerome Loving and J. Michael Lennon
    An American Tragedy and The Executioner’s Song: Receptions and Controversies
  • Ronald K. L. Collins
    Mailer’s Resistance — A Lesson in Free Speech
  • Jason Mosser
    Norman Mailer and the Oxford English Dictionary
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Mailer’s Brooklyn
  • Nicole DePolo
    Utter Mailer
  • Lawrence R. Broer
    The Existential Sublime in Mailer’s The Prisoner of Sex
  • Alba Newmann Holmes
    The Naked, the Eloquent, and the Dead
  • Ronald K. Fried, Barry H. Leeds, Bill Lowenburg
    Split Decisions: An Asynchronous Discussion on Mailer and Boxing
  • Jeanne Thomas Fuchs
    Mailer and Ali: Existential Affinities
  • Andrew Gordon
    Red Scare: The Early Cold War in Novels by Mailer, Doctorow, and Roth
  • Alexander Hicks
    Harlot’s Anatomy
  • Don Graham
    A Postmodern Moment with Don DeLillo at the University of Texas
  • Heather Braun
    Teaching Controversy: Mailer in the College Classroom
  • Jasna Potočnik Topler
    Mailer and His Reception in Slovenia
  • Raj Chandarlapaty
    Teaching Mailer in Afghanistan
  • Stone Meredith
    Mailer and Hemingway: Sum of the Parts
  • Kathleen “Kat” Robinson
    Making War with a Little Help from my Friends: Hemingway, Mailer, and O’Brien
  • Alexander Hicks
    Reading Ancient Evenings
  • Raymond M. Vince
    In the Deserts of the Heart: The Executioner’s Song
  • Christopher Busa
    Mailer and Metaphor
  • Walter Lewallen
    Back to Fort Bragg

Classic Interpretation

Creative Works

  • John Henry Fleming
  • Marshall Deason
  • Victor Peppard
    Boy Scout Jamboree
  • Gary D. Rhodes
  • Carol Dine
    The Golden Gown
    — after Yehudit Arnon
  • Sal Cetrano
    — for my buddy
  • Jack B. Bedell
    George Foreman in Zaire
  • Patrick O’Hayer
    broken link

Book Reviews

  • Norman Mailer: Legacy and Literary Americana
    Barry H. Leeds
    A Rosy Fingered Dawn?
  • Norman Mailer: Legacy and Literary Americana
    Michael L. Shuman
    From God’s Attic to Boom-Boom Slang: Looking for Mailer’s LQ
  • Mailer’s America
    Michael L. Shuman
    Norman Redux
  • A Moveable Beast
    John Whalen-Bridge
    Mailer Scholarship as Equipment for Living: The Testament of Barry Leeds
  • A Berkshire Boyhood: Confessions and Reflections of a Baby Boomer
    Michael L. Shuman
    Into the Woods
  • American Authorship and Autobiographical Narrative: Mailer, Wideman, and Eggers
    Maggie McKinley
    Opening the Sarcophagus: Searching for the Author in Autobiography


  • Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2013

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