Volume 3 | Number 1 | Fall 2009


Articles, Interviews, Miscellany

  • Norman Mailer
    The Big Bite
  • Norman Mailer
    The Hazards and Sources of Writing
  • J. Michael Lennon
    Long Legs, the American Tolstoy, Oswald and the KGB: A Conversation with Lawrence Schiller
  • Wayne Worcester
    A Favor for the Ages
  • Mark Olshaker
    The Crime of His Time
  • Robert Stone
    The Loser’s Loser
  • Tracy Dahlby
    Examining Mailer in a Time of Split-focus — or, What the Internet Cannot Do for Us
  • Barrie Balter
    Secret Agency: American Individualism in Oswald’s Tale and Libra
  • Victor Peppard
    Norman Mailer in the Light of Russian Literature
  • John Whalen-Bridge and Angela Oon
    Washed by the Swells of Time: Reading Mailer, 1998–2008
  • Deborah Martinson
    It Takes a Thief to Know a Thief: Biographies of Norman Mailer
  • Morris Dickstein
    The Time of His Time
  • Kermit Moyer
    Meeting Mailer
  • Christopher Busa
    Norman’s Crystals
  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    Courtly Mailer: The Legacy Derby
  • Linda Patterson Miller
    Woman Redux: de Kooning, Mailer, and American Abstract Expression
  • Jason Mosser
    Genre-Bending in The Armies of the Night
  • Randy Laist
    An American Dream: American Existentialism
  • Michael Meloy
    Tales of the “Great Bitch”: Murder and the Release of Virile Desire
  • Raymond M. Vince
    Reflections of Time Past: Pattern, Time, and Memory in Norman Mailer
  • James R. Fleming
    The Faith of Romanticism: Dialectical Synthesis and Norman Mailer’s English Romantic Vision
  • Alexander Hicks
    The Mailerian Dynasty: Narrative in a Structural Poetics of Mailer’s Fiction
  • Allen Ahern
    Collecting Mailer

Mailer and Film

  • Norman Mailer
    Some Dirt in the Talk
  • Norman Mailer
    A Course in Film Making
  • Michael Chaiken
    Editing Mailer: A Conversation with Jan Welt and Lana Jokel
  • Daniel Kramer
    Mailer, Maidstone, and Me
  • Griselda Steiner
    Maidstone: A Sign of the Times
  • D. A. Pennebaker
    Norman Mailer at First Light
  • Phillip Sipiora
    Perspectives on Cinema: A Conversation with Tom Luddy
  • Gary D. Rhodes
    Commando Raids on the Nature of Reality
  • Hugh S. Manon
    Heading Off Satisfaction in Tough Guys Don’t Dance
  • Stephan Morrow
    Tough Guys Do Dance
  • Mashey Bernstein
    Maidstone, Mailer, and Mashey: A Night at the Movies

Book Reviews

  • Norman Mailer: An American Aesthetic
    Barry Leeds
    A British View: Mailer’s American Language
  • Mornings with Mailer
    Michael Shuman
    The Blue Hour

Creative Works

  • John Buffalo Mailer
    It’ll Pass, It Always Does
  • Nicholas Samaras
    A Psalm for Norman Mailer
  • Riccardo Duranti
    The Prisoner’s Dream


  • Constance E. Holmes and Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2008

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