Volume 7 | Number 1 | Fall 2013


  • Reflections
  • Editor’s Note
  • Norman Mailer

Articles and Miscellany

  • Phillip Sipiora
    The Complications of Norman Mailer: A Conversation with J. Michael Lennon
  • Jerome Loving
    The Father and Son of American Realism: The Second Acts of Dreiser and Mailer
  • Bob Batchelor
    Visions of the American Dream: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, and Norman Mailer Probe at the Heart of the National Idea
  • Erik Nakjavani
    “Now the Greatest Living Romantic Was Dead”: Norman Mailer and Mary Hemingway’s Eulogies to Ernest Hemingway
  • Victor Peppard
    The Russian Reception of Norman Mailer
  • Hujun Ren
    Norman Mailer in China: Criticism and Translation
  • Dick Russell
    Norman Mailer and the Dynamite Club
  • Gerald R. Lucas
    Teaching Norman Mailer in the Cloud
  • Mark Noonan
    Brooklyn Accents and the Paradox of Ambition in Norman Mailer and Arthur Miller
  • Phillip Sipiora
    Norman Mailer, Discursive Artist
  • Carolyn Yalcut
    Prophesying the News: Norman Mailer’s Journalism
  • Ronald K. Fried
    Mailer’s Boxing Journalism
  • Joseph Comprone
    Genre and Dialogical Theory: Bakhtin and Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song
  • Christopher Busa
    Mailer’s Tough Guys: Novelist Invites His Characters to Dance
  • Marina Rosenthal
    Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: Trauma, Violence, and Betrayal in Harlot’s Ghost
  • Paul Regnier
    Writing from the Center and from the Periphery of the Culture — Norman Mailer and Don DeLillo
  • Donald L. Kaufmann
    Literary Legacy: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, and Norman Mailer
  • Raj Chandarlapaty
    Dreams, Death, and Bottle-Break: Modernist Ethnopoetics and the Beatnik Quest for Ascesis

Classic Interpretation

Creative Works

  • Rita Ciresi
    Girl Gone Wild
  • Robert Guffey
    The Walk
  • Eileen Sutton
    Into the Wind
  • Jay Hopler
    Das Rosen-Innere / The Center of the Rose
  • Jay Hopler
    Lied vom Meer / Sea Song

Book Reviews

  • Norman Mailer: A Double Life
    Barry H. Leeds
    Put Everything In
  • Norman Mailer: A Double Life
    Michael K. Glenday
    The Currents and Oceans of Fame
  • Norman Mailer: A Double Life and Mind of an Outlaw
    Mark Olshaker
    Words with Friends
  • Mind of an Outlaw
    Robert Begiebing
  • Marilyn Monroe
    Maggie McKinley
    Exploring the Mystery of Marilyn
  • The Participatory Journalism of Michael Herr, Norman Mailer, Hunter S. Thompson, and Joan Didion: Creating New Reporting Styles
    Michael L. Shuman
    Rereading the New Journalism
  • The Executioner’s Song
    Gerald R. Lucas
    An Executioner for a New Age
  • The Turner Erotica: A Biographical Novel
    Michael L. Shuman
    The Voluptuous Horror of Fannie Cornforth
  • From Here to Eternity
    Jason Mosser
    An Eternity for the New Millenium
  • Maidstone and Other Films
    Gary D. Rhodes
    Norman Mailer and the Criterion Collection


  • Shannon L. Zinck
    Norman Mailer Bibliography: 2012

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